Sleeping Venus : Original Miniature Painting after Giorgione







Painting Finished Frame size:

82mm x 60mm (3 1/8″ x 2 3/8″)



Frame type:

Gold finish


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Titled: Sleeping Venus

A miniature painting by Kay Burton, after Giorgione (born Giorgio Barbarelli da Castelfranco)(c. 1477/8 – 1510)

Painting size approx. 82mm x 60mm (3 1/8″ x 2 3/8″) mounted in a handmade wooden frame with gold finish.

Our Art Gallery Collection represents a little world in miniature. You will own a one off original miniature painting which has taken hours to create. It can be kept as a keepsake gift and memento for years to come. Or for those who enjoy the doll’s house miniature world of collecting, the painting could be hung in a dolls house setting as a dolls house miniature painting.

A little about the painting itself:

Giorgione was an Italian painter of the High Renaissance in Venice. He is known for the elusive poetic quality of his work, though only about six surviving paintings are acknowledged for certain to be his work. The resulting uncertainty about the identity and meaning of his art has made Giorgione one of the most mysterious figures in European painting. The Sleeping Venus, also known as the Dresden Venus, portrays a nude woman whose profile seems to follow that of the hills in the background. The painting was never finished by Giogione, but it is now generally accepted, that the landscape and sky, was completed by Titian, after Giorgione’s death in 1510.

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