Textile Art

Vintage linens, Handmade Hanging Lavender hearts, Luxury Christmas decorations, Hand Embroidered Greeting Cards, Hand crafted Patchwork Cushions

Just a small selection of my creative textiles

I love finding different uses for all sorts of fabrics, materials, yarns and haberdashery. I am constantly thinking of ideas that would make attractive and unusual gifts or pieces of art.

I am inspired by the needlecraft and workmanship of our ancestors, impressed by the delicacy and intricacy that we see in vintage linens. Indeed I find it hard sometimes not to buy a particular piece that I may come across and admire to add to my collection. I delight in up cycling pieces of vintage linens that have seen better days and making them into something useful, like a handmade card, cushion, or lavender heart.

But I also like to create the new; encompassing the sewing, hand embroidery, and painting and knitting skills I have acquired during my lifetime. I love colourful buttons, braids and threads and try to use them in creating an attractive wall hanging or picture, luxury Christmas decorations or practical piece of home furnishing with an artistic twist.

My surroundings, experiences and the natural world provide great inspiration for my pieces of artwork. I believe that a lot of people are now looking for something that bit different for their home d├ęcor or that unique gift to give to a loved one and I hope that some my pieces of artwork go some way to satisfying that requirement.

Some of my textile art can be viewed and purchased at Paradis Terrestre - an outlet for British made luxury art and gifts of which I am joint manager.

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  • Hand Embroidered Greeting Card