Dolls House Miniature Paintings

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Just a small selection of my past works

I enjoyed reproducing the works of old masters and artisans, creating miniature masterpieces, but having a great interest in history a lot of my paintings reflected this - particularly historical figures, costume and buildings. I particularly admire the works of Thomas Gainsborough, Edgar Degas, John William Waterhouse and Pierre-Auguste Renoir. Other subjects I enjoyed painting are landscapes, botanical studies, birds, animals (especially cat portraits), wildlife and still life.

I found that acrylic paint was the best medium to use, as it can be applied as finely as watercolour for delicate work, or as thickly as oils, to achieve deep rich undertones thus enabling me to create picture styles in whatever mood took me. Using good quality paint and acid-free paper and I made individual frames from wooden mouldings which I finished with gold lacquer or varnish. All paintings lightly varnished to protect and preserve them.

My paintings, mostly 1/12th or 1/24th scale have been bought both by dolls house enthusiasts and miniature picture collectors throughout Europe and America but also worldwide.