Creative Knitting

Luxury hand knitted headbands, Handmade Legwarmers, Unusual knitted tablemats, Exclusive knitwear

Just a small selection of my knitted textiles

I have had a passion for knitting every since I could remember. Whether it by hand or by knitting machine the possibly to create individual and unusual knitted textiles are infinite.

Up until the 1980’s knitting had had a very dowdy image, with uninviting yarns and old fashioned patterns. Then there was a real change, and creative colourful knitwear became very popular. Unfortunately, consumer tastes changed and cheap mass produced imported knitwear became the norm in this country, putting a lot of knitwear designers out of business.

Recently, I’m pleased to say, there has been an increased interest in luxury handmade British knitwear, which is encouraging to the specialist knitted textile designer. More and more beautiful exciting yarns are being produced, which are of huge inspiration. Colour, texture, unusual structure and quality are being appreciated once again.

I love creating the unusual, mixing yarns and stitches; I would say that I “paint” with yarn taking up the challenge to produce the unexpected within the parameters of wearable fashions and accessories.

Unusual headbands, hand knitted leg warmers, bags and home accessories feature in my various creations. Some of my items can be viewed and purchased at Paradis Terrestre - an outlet for British made luxury art and gifts of which I am joint manager.

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